Recovery is Possible.

  I currently am accepting new clients on a waitlist, if you are a past client please contact me. 

I am seeing clients virtually in AZ, CO, MN, and NE.  

Recovery from an eating disorder, body image concerns, compulsive exercise, anxiety, or depression is possible.  Although the process of recovery is challenging, early intervention and treatment provide a context and framework for individuals to fully recover.  There is not a simple solution or path to resolving these very painful, disruptive, confusing, and isolating disorders. You don’t have to continue to struggle alone. I understand the difficulty of recovery, the impact these struggles have on family and friends, and the ambivalence that often accompanies the recovery journey.  To read about my approach to recovery click here.

I believe that a compassionate approach to the self, experiencing rather than avoiding emotions, being present, directly facing painful and deeply held stories and experiences, and taking action toward what actually matters to you are essential aspects of healing and seeing life clearly. Amid the struggles, tragedies, and difficulties that confront us each individual has the capacity to live a vital and meaningful life deeply connected to others and what matters to you. This doesn’t mean immunity from difficult and painful emotions or experiences, but that you will be able to experience and respond to these events with adaptability, flexibility, and resiliency.

“Be good to yourself, if you don’t take care of your body where will you live?” -Kobi Yamada



I provide cost-effective and customized consulting to behavioral health organizations to implement and develop policies & procedures, clinical programs, and employee training that will meet regulating standards for state licensure and third-party accrediting agencies and integrate efficiently into your current programs.

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I specialize in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Body Image Dissatisfaction, Addictive Exercise and related mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression.  I believe that sustainable recovery is possible and will work with you toward an individualized approach to treatment based on your unique context, goals, and history.

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor dedicated to helping individuals and families recover from the impact of eating disorders, body image concerns, addictive exercise, depression, anxiety, and trauma.  I have over a decade of experience helping adolescents and adults overcome personal challenges and mental illness in a variety of settings.

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